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Daffodil dilemma

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Hello! I've got some nice daffodils but they came into bloom just one time...Is it that normal? If so, can you recommend me some good way to store the bulbs for the next year? Thanks!

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Hello Diomira
Your daffodil bulbs will flower every year. The best two tips I can give you are as follows
1) Always leave the foliage die down completely after flowering. You should also feed them at this stage as this is when the flower builds up the energy to flower the following year.
2) After several years in the ground they need to be lifted and divided into new smaller clumps of bulbs. You will know it is the time to do this as they will be just all foliage and no flowers.
You may lift them out of the ground to store them until the following year but again wait until the foliage has completely died back.
Kind regards
Brendan Howell

Sun, 2012-04-29
Diomira, Dundalk