Love your Garden

It’s that time again to get out and get your hands dirty and be part of our Love your Garden experience this Spring. Our Love your Garden guide provides tips for a budding gardener to create a space in nature to escape the daily grind during these warmer months.

Many hobby gardeners don’t know where to start when it comes to the garden. Our Love your Garden series will tackles this head-on so there are no more excuses. It also explores the myriad benefits beyond the end product, demonstrating how people can use their garden as a ‘Green Gym’, and a place to tap into mindfulness and well being in the surroundings of their own home.



In our Love your Garden video series, celebrity chef and grow-your-own enthusiast, Lilly Higgins takes you through some helpful tips and tricks to make the most out of some smaller outdoor spaces. She also talks about those veggies and herbs that will thrive in Irish gardens and provide some edible (and organic!) treats for fresh salads.

Alison Canavan provides an insight on how the garden, or even terrace, provides that perfect retreat or haven for keeping your mental health in check, encouraging us to take time for mindfulness and a necessary time-out from our busy lives.

Garden designer and Gold medalist at Chelsea Flower Show 2016, Paul Martin, chats about ‘easy wins’ in the garden and the plants that will work best across seasons and different spaces.

Lilly commented, “I can think of nothing nicer than getting my hands dirty in the garden, with the added satisfaction of knowing there’s a delicious ingredient at the end of it. Nothing beats the taste of fresh herbs from your own garden in a salad! I grew up in the countryside surrounded by nature and I fell in love with food at an early age, topping and tailing gooseberries for jam.  It doesn’t have to be complicated but getting out in the garden to grow your own, or even giving the window box a bit of love can be so rewarding!”


We would love to see what you’re getting up to in your garden. Why not join our growing community on Facebook and Twitter and share some pictures of your hard work, gardening successes and failures.

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