Love your Garden


Master gardener and Chelsea gold medal winner Paul Martin accompanied by grow your own enthusiast Lilly Higgins talk to us about the importance of starting off with the right soil. Paul assures if your soil is right everything else will follow suit. He also gives tips on how to better your soil.

Master gardener Paul Martins talks the perfect plants to plant for the Summer months. He discusses how important it is to prepare your soil to give your plants the best start.

Health and wellness coach Alison Canavan talks with Master Gardener Paul Martin on how getting out in the garden can reduce your stress levels. Gardening is the most nature way of incorporating mindfulness into your life. So get out into your garden and feed the senses, the benefits are endless.

Expert horticulturist Paraic Horkan shows us how easy it is to make a beautiful hanging basket and the key ingredients you need to make it perfect. ‬

Master gardener Paul Martin talks with grow your own enthusiast Lilly Higgins on how to make the most of your garden space.

Celebrity chef and grow-your-own enthusiast, Lilly Higgins and master gardener, Paul Martin talk us through a simple how to on growing mint in your garden. They give us helpful tips and tricks on what will thrive in Irish gardens. Lilly talks about reaping the benefits in the kitchen with edible treats for summer salads. Paul top dresses using Bord Na Móna Growise Seed and Cutting compost to ensure the mint seeds have what they need to grow and prosper.



Master gardener Paul Martin is in Wicklow with Bord Na Móna Growise accompanied by Lilly Higgins and Alison Canavan. He advises us on what will grow well in your garden and to keep your palette of plants simple.



Master gardener Paul Martin and mindfulness expert Alison Canavan discuss the benefits of gardening.