Love Your Garden

Grow your own enthusiast Lilly Higgins shows us how to make a simple yet delicious raspberry and chia jam with your homegrown berries.

The biggest problem we face in our garden in terms of pests is slugs and snails. Some of the nasty alcohol based pellets people use kill not only the pests but the bird and hedgehogs also. Expert gardener Peter Dowdall suggests pellets that are safe for the local environment and also give suggestions of handy home remedies.

All you need to make this parsley pesto with courgetti is parsley, hazelnuts, olive oil, parmesan, salt, pepper and courgettes. Lilly Higgins shows us step by step how it’s done. Her top tip is to scatter some torn nasturtiums flowers on top of the dish before serving.

Peter Dowdall gives us tips on how to attract birds to the garden using Bird Feeders and Berried Plants.

Grow your own enthusiast Lilly Higgins shows us how to make a tasty tomato salsa with delicious homegrown tomatoes.

Handy Garden How-Tos

Looking for some inspiration. Here is everything you need to create the perfect hanging basket for your summer garden.

Check out this easy way to make a homemade watering can. All you need is a clean empty container with a lid and a pin.

Learn how to propagate a plant from cuttings. It’s so simple, give it a try at home. Start with a stock or “mother” plant that is in great health and has plenty of stems, so that if one is removed, it will not harm the plant.

Check out this video on how to plant lettuce, strawberry, carrot and rosemary. These easy to grow edibles can go straight from seed to plate.

Don’t let your plants go thirsty when you’re away. Check out this handy trick to keep them well watered when you’re not around.

Learn how to grow the sweetest tomatoes for your summer salads. It’s so easy!

Did you know lavender helps you have a good night sleep? Check out our top four houseplants and their benefits.

Trendy Gardening Tips

If you like low maintenance plants or live in an apartment and don’t have much garden space, then this is for you. Daniella Moyles shows us how simple it is to care for cacti and how to revive them if they start to die.

Daniella Moyles tells her where her love of orchids came from and her top tips for caring for them.