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Pallet specifications

Product Pallet Quantity Approx Height Approx Weight*
10kg bucket 56 1400mm 700kg
20L Bale 140 1400mm 900kg
20L Bag 126 1300mm 800kg
25L Bag 66 800mm 1100kg
35L Bag 55 1000mm 1000kg
50L Planter 56 1400mm 950kg
50L Bag 50 1300mm 900kg
56L Bag 60  1300mm 950kg
75L Bag Bark 42 1700mm 800kg
75L Bale 56 1800mm 1300kg
80L Bag Bark 42 1700mm 850kg
100L Bale Bark 35 1600mm 900kg
125L Bale 30 1600mm 1150kg
Hanging Growing bag 200 1250mm 600kg
Grow Bag 112 1650mm 1150kg

*Please note that these are natural products and the weights can vary depending on the moisture content and the density of the peat.

pallet specRecycling the packaging

Bord na Móna Horticulture's retail bags are based on LDPE (low density polyethylene) and are suitable for recycling. When finished using the bag, remove any excessive product remnants. Then segregate and sort the used packaging into a suitable plastic recycling stream.

Recycling the hoods

Bord na Móna Horticulture's retail hoods are based on LDPE (low density polyethylene) which is suitable for recycling. After removing the hood, segregate and sort the used hood into a suitable plastic recycling stream.

Responsible disposal of pallets

In the event that our pallets need to be disposed of, they will need to be segregated and sorted into a suitable wood recycling stream or suitable wood reuse stream.

Pallet handling statement

We conduct strict operating procedures to ensure that only pallets of the necessary structural integrity are used. The correct handling of pallets and the inspection of our pallets is maintained at all stages of our processes. Likewise we carefully select our transit contractors to ensure that our pallets reach our customers in the best possible condition. At subsequent stages, the pallets need to continue to be correctly handled, and regularly inspected, to maximise the integrity of our products.

Pallet safety statement

In consultation with our pallet providers, and with our customer base, our finished product heights and weights have been carefully chosen to ensure that our products can be handled and stored safely at all times.

Please consult our pallet weight and height chart in this regards. If using elevated storage always consult with your pallet racking provider about safe storage limits. Do not remove any hooding or shrink-wrapping from around our products unless the pallet is always going to stay on ground level.

Overhang statement

Given the nature of our product offering some of our products will marginally overhang the base pallet. Some care may accordingly need to be exercised when handling the products in this regard. Our pallet configurations are always selected to ensure that overhang is minimised & storage capacities are unaffected.

Removing the pallet wrapping

Bord na Móna Horticulture recommends that a suitably sharp implement is used to help safely to remove the hooder or stretch-wrapping from around our products. Please be careful not to cut too deep, as the product packaging underneath can be easily damaged.

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