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Bord na Móna Horticulture caters for three distinct horticulture markets – home gardeners, retailers and professional.

We produce and market peat-based growing media products for professional horticultural growers, for retail suppliers and for hobby gardeners. A large part of our business is in supplying these products to export markets.

We are proud to lead the way on incorporation of organic materials other than peat into growing media products. Bord na Móna’s technologically advanced composting facility at Kilberry (Co Kildare), converts green bi-product from the wood, food and drinks industry into a substance that is used in our eco-aware compost products. The facility is designed to compost a wide range of organic material in a secure and environmentally safe process and is fully licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency

Innovation and change are central to Horticulture’s drive to modify its process technology and growing media range to meet demand for sustainable products.

At Kilberry, fertilisers, limes, and nutrients are added to peat to make premium compost which is bagged and sold to national and international clients in 20 countries, including China, India, and Australia.

Various types of green bi-product are processed, including spent grain from the brewing industry. The resulting material is used as a peat substitute (diluent) in growing media products. Some of the green waste streams are also generated by the Resource Recovery business, representing a synergy of activities. Our activities in this area will be expanded considerably over the next few years which will include exploring opportunities to acquire green waste streams in the UK. In line with our ‘New Contract with Nature’, we are committed to replacing peat, where possible, with materials coming from renewable sources.

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Bord na Móna has long recognised the need to diversify its activities in order to secure a sustainable future. Bord na Móna is in a strong position with a unique mixture of assets, experience and innovation which will enable us to cross-link our activities in energy, water, fuel, horticulture and resource recovery to provide products and services which will meet our customers’ needs.

Bord na Móna has a strict policy of extracting peat responsibly and in an environmentally acceptable manner. Bord na Móna is committed to the wise use of peats and peatlands and has a planned after-use programme for each harvesting area which will be reclaimed for forestry, wetlands or as shallow lakes depending on the area’s topography. Bord na Móna conducts its peat extraction activities under the terms of nine Integrated Pollution Prevention Control Licences, issued and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. These licences were issued by the EPA in 2000 and cover our activities. Each licence contains 14 conditions covering all of Bord na Móna’s activities in relation to peat extraction, including emissions to Air, Water and Land.