Custom Mixes

SuperbaleSome plant species are very exacting in their nutritional, pH and water requirements and many require different fertilisers, lime rates or compost structures in order to obtain the best quality plants and uniform growth. In addition some crop management methods will also be better suited to a special mix to maximise efficiency.

We are pleased to offer or recommend factory additions and variants to our growing media formulations for larger professional to maximise convenience and performance according to individual needs and preferences.

These include the following:

  • Nutrients tailored to specific crops and uses
  • pH adjusted depending on crop
  • Peat blends to suit structural requirements
  • Aggregates such as sand or grit can be added to most composts as ballast or to improve handling. However, we do not recommend these additions to improve aeration
  • Other additives such as perlite, vermiculite, sterilised loam, bark or coir to provide specific characteristics or peat reduced formulation
  • Controlled release fertilisers. For recommended rates of addition please refer to the manufacturer’s product information leaflet or discuss with your business area manager
  • Approved agrochemicals can be added at specific request

Bord na Móna area sales managers will be pleased to advise on creating the optimum growing media. Customised growing media can be delivered in:

  • Loose Bulk
  • SuperBale
  • Bulk Bags

Minimum Order: 30m3

Superbale advantages

Bord na Móna’s Superbale is currently the most effective way to maximise convenience and performance according to specific individual requirements. The ‘Superbale’ offers customised mixes up to 4.5m3 wrapped to give a watertight fully protected product ready for shipping around the globe.

  • Less packaging waste
  • Cost effective
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Suitable for outdoor storage
  • Easy to handle
  • Facilitates maximum automation
  • Protected from contamination
  • Flexibility of load make-up
  • Maximises load capacity
  • Quick and easy removal of packaging