Shamrock Mini Chip Decorative Bark

Shamrock Mini Chip Decorative Bark is made from screened and graded bark. Bark is a by-product of the forestry industry and is a renewable resource. It provides an attractive and effective mulch for use in beds and borders.

Attractive background

Shamrock Mini Chip Decorative Bark provides a superb dark natural background against which the foliage of trees and shrubs is highlighted. Plants have an excellent and very attractive background to grow and thrive in.

Suppressing weeds

A 5-7.5cm layer of Shamrock Mini Chip Decorative Bark will help reduce maintenance costs by suppressing weeds. The minimum depth to give effective weed suppression is 5cm. For best results apply after preparing the soil and planting, add an additional 2.5cm each year in the Spring to maintain an adequate depth. Bark will allow rainfall to reach the soil but deter weed development.

Protection against weather extremes

Shamrock Mini Chip Decorative Bark can be used to blanket the soil against extremes of temperature. This provides protection for roots against frost in winter and high temperatures in summer. A mulch of Shamrock Mini Chip Decorative Bark will reduce evaporation and help retain moisture in the soil. This is especially beneficial in hot summer weather.

Ideal for use:

  • Suppressing Weeds
  • Protecting Plants and Soil from Frost
  • Decorative Ground Cover

Instructions for use

wheel barrow and shovel working with landscape mulchBeds and borders:

Prepare all soil by completing all weeding, digging, soil improvement and planting. Spread a 5-7.5cm layer of bark over the soil and around the plants taking care to spread evenly. Make sure you cover the soil completely to ensure best weed control.

Tubs, containers and window boxes:

Complete all planting and spread a 2.5cm layer of bark evenly around the plants.


After planting spread a 5cm layer around the plants to create a natural decorative foil for leaves and flowers.