Bord na Móna Growise Growmore+

What makes it so good?

Bord na Móna Growise Growmore+ is an easy to apply, naturally dark, granular fertiliser. The traditional 7:7:7 formula with added magnesium provides essential plant nutrients. Apply throughout the growing season to boost crop yields, increase flowering and create lush, green lawns.

Ideal for use:

  • Encourages Abundant Flowering and High Crop Yields
  • Improves Soil Fertility

Instructions for use

For bare soil:

Evenly spread granules across the soil and gently rake in.

For established plants:

Scatter granules around the base of plants, avoiding contact directly with leaves and stems.

Laying turf or sowing lawns:

Apply to soil prior to laying turf or sowing, and water in well. Applying directly to turf may cause scorching.

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