Bord na Móna Growise Pro 5 All Purpose Fertiliser

What makes it so good?

This premium Bord na Móna Growise Pro 5 All Purpose Fertiliser is formulated as an easy-to-use, single-application, complete garden fertiliser. Contains 10 essential plant nutrients as well as seaweed and humic acid which release over the season to support growth, enhance flowering and increase crop yields. It includes all major, secondary and trace nutrients needed for strong, healthy plants. Our unique formula means that a single application will last for up to twenty weeks and includes a combination of three different nitrogen sources that feed plants throughout the season.

Ideal for use:

  • Perfect for all Round Garden Use
  • Promotes Strong Plant Growth
  • For Healthy Soils

Instructions for use

For bare soil:

Evenly spread across the soil, gently raking or forking into the surface layer.

For established plants:

Scatter around the base of plants, avoiding direct contact with leaves and stems.

Laying turf or sowing lawns:

Apply to soil prior to laying turf or sowing, and water in well. Applying directly to turf may cause scorching. One application should be sufficient for season-long feeding. Second applications are only required for vigorous growing plants and greedy crops. Apply to bare ground from early spring. Repeat applications around established plants.

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