Shamrock Multi-Purpose Compost

Why is it so good?

With the right balance of nutrients added to high quality Irish sphagnum moss peat, Shamrock Multi-Purpose Compost works with nature to enhance healthy plant growth and development.

Ideal for use:

  • Sowing Seeds
  • Cuttings
  • Pots & Containers
  • Planting Out

Instructions for use

Girl planting flowersSeeds:

The texture of Shamrock Multi-Purpose has been specially blended for delicate flower and vegetable seeds.

  • Fill the seed tray with compost to just below the rim, gently tap the tray to level the compost.
  • Water gently with a fine rose.
  • Sow the seeds thinly and evenly. Follow the instructions on the seed packet to check whether seeds should be covered with compost.
  • Cover with glass and newspaper to create a moist, warm atmosphere.
  • When the first seeds germinate take off the glass and newspaper.


Shamrock Multi-Purpose ensures the healthy growth of developing plants.

  • When seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into pots.
  • Always lift seedlings by the leaves to avoid damaging stems.
  • Water regularly


  • Take cuttings, making a clean sloping cut below a leaf joint, and use a proprietary rooting powder to assist rooting.
  • Fill a pot or seed tray with compost.
  • Position the prepared cuttings.
  • Water and place in a propagator or cover with a plastic bag to create a warm atmosphere.

Potting, containers and baskets:

Shamrock Multi-Purpose’s wetting agent, combined with its balanced range of nutrients makes it the ideal compost for container planting.

  • Water the plant(s) to be potted and allow to drain.
  • Half fill the new container with Shamrock Multi-Purpose Compost and position the plant(s).
  • Fill in around the plant(s) with compost and firm gently with fingertips.
  • Water regularly.
  • Approximately 4-6 weeks after planting feed with suitable fertiliser such as Miracle-Gro Plant Food.

Advantages of Shamrock Multi-Purpose Compost:

  1. Suitable for use on all your seeds, cuttings and pot plants
  2. Supplies the correct balance of air, water and nutrients
  3. Enables quicker establishment and faster growth of plants
  4. Easy and safe to use

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