Shamrock Irish Moss Peat

Shamrock Irish Moss Peat is produced from high quality Sphagnum Moss Peat. It is a completely natural product, free from any additives and is suitable for all plants. Thoroughly moisten before use, except when using on wet soil.

Ideal for use:

  • Improving soil condition
  • Improving soil structure
  • Healthier plants and lawns
  • Seed beds

Instructions for use

Shamrock Irish Moss Peat - watering plantsSoil conditioning:

A 5cm layer worked into the top 10 - 15 cm improves soil structure, helps sandy soils to retain water and nutrients, opens up heavy soils and creates the right balance between air and moisture.

Planting out roses, shrubs and trees:

Fill the planting hole with equal parts Shamrock Irish Moss Peat and soil to promote root development.

Beds and borders:

A 2cm layer forked into the top 5 - 10cm of soil prior to planting will replace the organic matter used by the previous season’s plants.


Mulching is and attractive and practical way to help suppress weeds and retain soil moisture. I will also help to protect plant roots during extremes of temperature. Apply a 2cm layer to beds and borders in spring.

Lawn laying and upkeep:

When laying new lawns, dig in 5 cm of Shamrock Irish Moss Peat into the top 10 - 15 cm of soil. This ensures ideal conditions for good grass establishment. Established lawns should receive a 1 cm dressing of peat once or twice between September and March to maintain humus levels in the soil.

Other uses:

Shamrock Irish Moss Peat can also be used for seed beds, compost making, crop storage and pet litter.

Advantages of Shamrock Irish Moss Peat:

  • Improves condition and structure of your soil
  • Ensures soil is easy to work
  • Creates an ideal environment for healthier plants and lawns
  • Easy and safe to use