Shamrock Brown Gold Ericaceous Compost

Tried and trusted, Shamrock is specially prepared to help you achieve great results every time. With the right balance of nutrients and trace elements added to high quality Irish sphagnum moss peat, Shamrock Brown Gold Ericaceous Compost works with nature to guarantee healthy plant growth and development.

Common ericaceous plant species

Arbutus, Andromeda, Arctostaphylos, Azalea, Calluna, Camellia, Cassiope, Chamaecyparis, Chamaedaphne, Daboecia, Erica, Gaultheria, Heathers, Juniperus, Kalmiopsis, Leiophyllum, Leucothöe, Loiseleuria, Lyonia, Magnolia, Menziesia, Pernettya, Phyllodoce, Picea, Pieris, Rhododendron, Thuja, Zenobia.


Ideal for use:

  • Lime Sensitive plants
  • Rhododendrons, Azeleas
  • Camellias, Heather

Instructions for use

Shamrock Brown Gold Ericaceous Compost Vegetables and SoilLime sensitive plants:

If your soil is limey or alkaline you can still grow lime sensitive plants (eg. azaleas, rhododendrons, pieris and most heathers) with Brown Gold.

  • line the planting hole with a piece of polythene and place the plant in position
  • fill in with a mixture of 3 parts by volume Shamrock Brown Gold with 1 part lime free garden soil
  • alternatively, use Shamrock Brown Gold on its own and top dress around the plants each year

Potting and containers:

Shamrock Brown Gold is also perfect for growing your lime sensitive plants in containers and tubs.

  • water the plant(s) to be potted and allow to drain.
  • half fill the new pot with Shamrock Brown Gold and position the plant(s).
  • fill in around the plant(s) with compost and firm gently with fingertips.
  • water regularly.
  • after a period of 4-6 weeks, feed regularly with a suitable fertiliser such as miracle-gro ericaceous plant food.

Rose, shrub and tree planting:

  • prepare a hole large enough to accommodate plant roots. Place the plant in position.
  • fill the hole with a mixture of equal parts Shamrock Brown Gold and garden soil.
  • a fibrous root system will develop resulting in quick establishment and early growth.

Top dressing:

  • place a 2.5cm (1”) layer of shamrock brown gold around established plants.
  • dress your lawn in Autumn and early Winter with 0.5cm (1⁄4”) of Shamrock Brown Gold to revitalise the grass for the following season. Brush or rake the dressing into the lawn.

Advantages of Shamrock Brown Gold:

  1. Feeds your lime sensitive plants
  2. Supplies the correct balance of air, water and nutrients
  3. Enables quicker establishment and faster growth of plants
  4. Easy and safe to use