Bord na Móna Growise Aquatic Compost

What makes it so good?

Bord na Móna Growise Aquatic Compost is specifically formulated for planting in water, encouraging strong growth and plants to flourish. It contains grit and sand to stabilise pond plants, and for ease of planting.

It is suitable for the following aquatic plants:

Water hyacinths, lotus, water lily, flowering rush, marsh marigold, water poppy, bog bean, water dragon, branched bur reed.

Ideal for use:

  • Many Types of Pond and Aquatic Plants
  • Promoting Strong Roots and Healthy Foliage in Aquatic Conditions
  • Stabilising Aquatic Plants

Instructions for use

Take a suitable pond mesh container (aquatic basket) of a similar size to or just slightly bigger than the original plant. Line the mesh container with a suitable liner (hessian, netting, etc.).Half fill the container with Growise Aquatic Compost, position the plant in the desired place in the pot, and fill with compost around the plant tapping gently to remove larger air pockets. Gently firm the compost around the plant, adding more if necessary. Add a thick layer of horticulture grit (washed, lime free) to the top of the pot, to prevent the compost from floating. Slowly submerge the filled pot in the pond to allow slow absorption of water.