Top Tips for Autumn Gardening

Autumn gardening tipsAutumn has definitely arrived with the leaves changing colour and the sun setting earlier every day.

But while it may be getting chillier, the low sun means that there is some beautiful late afternoon light – so there’s still plenty of time to get tasks done with our top tips for autumn gardening:

1. Deadheading
Removing the withered flowers of your bedding plants, dahlias and other late bloomers will improve the appearance of your garden and will direct energy into stronger growth and more flowers next spring.

You can deadhead with your finger and thumb as long as the plant doesn’t have tough or stringy stems. If they have the latter, you should use a secateurs or scissors. Don’t forget to wear garden gloves too!

2. Plant autumn bulbs
The shops have plenty of autumn bulbs in stock – you should plant them as soon as you get them but if you have to store them for a week or two, put them in a cool, dark place.

3. Don’t forget to water or feed
Summer has gone but your plants and flowers may still need watering and/or liquid feed.

4. Mulching
You can mulch beds and borders in autumn or early spring – whichever is your preference. The benefit of mulching at this time of year is that it will provide a cosy mulch blanket for when winter rolls around. Check out our Mulching Tip video – gardening expert Jane McCorkell recommends putting about 3 inches of mulch over the top of flowerbeds.

5. Sow a lawn
September is the traditional month for sowing a lawn – there are quite a few stages in this process and it can be hard enough labour so we recommend getting a helping hand and pacing yourself!