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Our horticultural experts are on hand to give you monthly advice on what to do now! We'll help you tackle tasks one month at a time to get your garden in tip top shape all year round.


Top Tip

Did you know that plain Peat Moss on its own is great to use when storing vegetables?

Put a layer of peat lightly over and between potatoes, carrots, parsnips and the like. It keeps them nice and dry and from touching each other. Use Shamrock Irish Moss Peat for this job. It's also a great soil conditioner for poor soil types at this time of the year.

Enjoy September in your garden.

September is a wonderful month. It is generally fine bright autumn weather or perhaps even an Indian summer. Either way it is a great month for gardening for cleaning up and planning new areas for next year. It is also known as the “harvest month” and will be full of fresh smells of early apples, combine harvesters in the fields and the first hint of cool autumn air.


This is a great month to tackle a problem lawn or to sow or lay a new one. Scarify and aerate your lawn with a garden fork and a spring tine rake. Then spread a layer of Bord na Móna Growise Enriched Top Soil over the whole area brushing it in lightly to fill the pores. This will add to the drainage and clear out old debris from the past year. If your lawn is bigger than average you may need to hire out equipment for this job. An autumn lawn feed can be applied toward the end of the month also.

New lawns will establish quickly in September and will be in great condition for the first cut early next spring.

Why not make a compost bin in September as you will fill it in no time with all the autumn leaves and pruning’s.

All your perennial plants can now be divided and replanted while the soil is still warm. This will allow them to get established before winter sets in. Lift and divide them while giving them a good clean up and replant in new areas using plenty of Bord na Móna Growise Multipurpose Compost to get the new white roots started.

Why not look at the garden shed and give it a good clear out on a fine day. You may find you have more space than you thought and have room for a potting bench with shelves above for pots and sundries. Storage underneath can be used for bags of different compost to be used between now and spring.

Harvest all your fruit as it ripens. Start with all the early varieties and try to store them like apples in boxes like you see in the supermarket. Keep them out of the sun and consider freezing excess soft fruit like autumn raspberries and strawberries.

In the Greenhouse

If you do not have a glasshouse this is a good month to consider one. Prices will be lower and you might even get a sale discount. The choice and style depends on your garden and how deep your pockets are but it may just pay you back by giving you protection for tender plants and getting early crops growing. They are great for overwintering alpines and tender shrubs and plants in pots. You can start to plant up pots with early flowering spring bulbs which are out now in the garden centres.

Enjoy September in your garden.

Bord na Móna Horticulturist

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gardening should be fun, but often people are afraid of getting things wrong, and too worried to give it a go.

That’s where we come in – we’ve got simple tasks for improving your garden, laid out month by month. Just follow along and soon you’ll have a beautiful garden, and the satisfaction of knowing you did it all yourself. If you’d like a more practical garden, why not use your outdoor space to grow your own fruits and vegetables?

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