Plants Grown in Irish Peat

The work of Aendekerk and Lilova (2002).

Trials in the Netherlands and elsewhere have shown the advantages of using Irish peat with pot plants and nursery stock. Independent results from Holland, from the work of Lilova and Aendekerk at Boskoop Research Station, are shown below.

Effect of Peat Source on Fresh weight of Chamaecyparis

Effect of Peat Source on Fresh weight of Cytisus


Resistance to self heating

Most horticulture peat produced by Bord na Móna is stockpiled using the Peco system. The Peco piles are much less likely to self heat than the large Haku piles which are predominantly used in other countries.

Reliability of supply

The scale of Bord na Móna’s production operations linked to its policy of investing in large stocks of raw materials means that customers are assured of supply of quality materials even in years when the harvest is poor.


Samples from every stockpile are monitored for weed germination to ensure that the products meet the standards set by the RHP (Dutch regulatory body for growing media).


Herbicides are not used on Bord na Móna Horticulture bogs, therefore there is no danger of residual effects, weeds are removed mechanically.

ISO certification

All Bord na Móna factories and Dublin port facility have received the ISO 9001 accreditation. Continuous sampling of products during processing ensures that the finest quality standards are achieved.