Where We Deliver

Where we deliver - world map

As the largest exporter of peat from Ireland by volume, we rely on our dedicated logistics partners, P&O to ensure we can secure and provide trucks, containers and ships to a wide range of global destinations and in a form that best suits our customer’s needs.

We ensure strict control measures over the conditions under which our peat moss and finished goods are transported, to ensure our customers receive our peat in excellent condition. These controls are recorded and tracked to monitor and improve our service and to guarantee our high standards.

We deliver to over 27 different countries worldwide. The table below indicates the lead times to each of our delivery destinations. Please remember to allow production time to be added to the lead times indicated.

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Market Transit Time Bulk Palletised Ships
Australia 6-8 wks Palletised
Bahrain 4 wks Palletised
Barbados 3-4 wks Palletised
Belgium 1 wk Bulk Ships
Canary Islands 10 – 14 days Palletised
China 4-5 wks Palletised
Egypt 3 wks Palletised
France 1 wk Bulk Ships
Germany 1 wk Bulk Palletised Ships
Greece 3 wks Palletised
Holland 1 wk Bulk Ships
India 4-5 wks Palletised
Iran 4-5 wks Palletised
Italy 2 wks Bulk Palletised Ships
Japan 4-5 wks Palletised
Kuwait 3-4 wks Palletised
Malta 3 wks Palletised
Morocco 3-4 wks Palletised
Oman 3-4 wks Palletised
Portugal 10 days Bulk Palletised Ships
Saudi Arabia 3-4 wks Palletised
Spain 1 wk Bulk Palletised Ships
Tahiti 6-8 wks Palletised
Turkey 3 wks Palletised
UAE 3-4 wks Palletised
USA 4-5 wks Palletised
United Kingdom 2-3 days Bulk Palletised

For more details on our delivery destinations, you can contact us. We are happy to discuss new destinations with you.