World Class Peat

World Class Peat Milling Big BogWithin Europe, thousands of professional growers and potting soil manufacturers have appreciated the benefits of using Bord na Móna Irish peat.

Scientists from some of Europe’s premier horticultural research stations have conclusively shown the benefits of peat from Bord na Móna bogs. Bord na Móna peat is renowned for its stability and buffering capacity.

Quite simply, using Bord na Móna peat ensures the best possible environment for root growth and plant development.

The key features of Bord na Móna peat can be summarised:

  • Superb structural stability
  • Resistance to shrinkage and slumping (structural stability)
  • Excellent aeration maintained during the life of the crop
  • Good buffering capacity
  • A perfect structure builder in potting soil mixtures
  • Plus the benefits of harvesting from weed free bogs not treated with pesticides: ISO certified and reliability underpinned by first-class stock maintenance